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AgriConnect is a straight forward search interface with a navigation bar on the top that is coherent across all subsites. You can always navigate between the homepage, search pages and additional information pages for how the portal works, the data sitting behind it as well as the scientists and managers affiliated with each data sets that is linked to the portal search machine.

Sequence Query

Many data sets are based on or are attached to biological sequences derived from genes, transcripts or proteins. The experimental data or annotations are then aligned to these sequences. When working on genes or proteins from a known or new species we often want to link these to existing knowledge in other species or the same species. Using the sequence-based query platform the user can input a nucleotide or protein sequence to retrieve data entries hits in 5 distinct data sets that are aligned to sequences similar to the submitted query. The user can then decide whether they would like to follow up retrieved data sets for downstream data linkage.

  1. For using the sequence-based search click the "by Sequence" button on the homepage and enter your sequence in the sequence box
  2. Set the query to nucleic acid (left) or to protein (right) sequences
  3. Choose your filter if you want to restrict the retrieval to species, data types or origin of data
  4. Hit the search button and see what comes up!

Keyword Query

The keyword query is based on SphinxSearch which is fulltext search engine software that to provides text search functionality to client applications. Text fields (data stored as text or text-like experimental parameters within AgriConnect-linked data sets were processed to create a full-text index. These full-text indices can be searched quickly using keywords submitted by the portal user.
The search will return keyword hits in specified text fields of each data set and offers you insights into possible linkage of your data and the connected collections behind AgriConnect.

  1. For using the sequence-based search click on the "by Keyword" button
  2. Enter one or several keywords into the keyword field
  3. Choose your filter is you want to restrict the retrieval to species, or text-field you would like to target
  4. hit the search button and see what comes up.

Results view

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