Welcome to AgriConnect

AgriConnect makes connections between genomic, proteomic and phenomic data from more than 14 plant species. These include: arabidopsis thaliana, banana, barley, canola, maize/corn, mungbean, potato, rice, sorghum, soybean, tomato, wheat and wine grape

The purpose is to enable discovery-based research, by drawing novel links between genotype and phenotype. Ultimately it aims to improve translation of knowledge between different species and accelerate agricultural applications.

Data types come from five partner institutions and include: RNA-seq (tissue specific and time series), protein fluorescent tagging and mass spectrometry, membrane transporters and signalling systems, high resolution growth trial images, genotyping and yield/growth trait quantification.

Searches can be by sequence of DNA/RNA/protein for a gene of interest or by keyword (eg. "transporter protein"). The Tutorial tab gives details on how to use AgriConnect and the Data tab gives in-depth information on data sources.